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Going through a divorce is difficult on the spouses already, but children can be especially hurt by an unnecessarily prolonged divorce. You need the help of a qualified attorney to walk you through child-related issues such as child custody, child support, and visitation and to do so quickly out of court if possible. When you need legal advice to uphold your rights as a parent, contact our firm right away.

Family Law Partners is committed to providing clients with compassionate counsel which seeks to achieve their interests effectively. Our firm practices family law exclusively and has had considerable success in winning parents the rights to their child they deserve. We dedicate ourselves to stellar legal representation at affordable rates.

How is visitation decided?

All courts seek to determine custody and visitation based on the child’s best interests. Custody cannot be based only on the gender, income, location, or other factor of a certain parent, rather joint physical and joint legal custody are presumed.

When determining child custody and visitation rights, courts look at several factors:

  • What the child’s parent’s wishes are with regards to the proposed custody plan submitted
  • The willingness and ability of each parent to take an active role as mother and father for the child, as well as considering what the child needs in order for them to continue a meaningful and frequent relationship with their parents
  • Looking at the existing relationships and interaction the child has with any siblings, their parents and other important individuals
  • What parent may be more proactive in ensuring meaningful and continuous contact for the child with the other parent
  • Whatever the child’s wishes are regarding their custodian
  • How this choice will affect the child’s home life, schooling and community
  • Any intention by either parent to relocate the child away from their principal residence
  • The physical and mental well-being of both parents, as well as looking at any history of abuse

As stated, both parents are likely to obtain some amount of visitation with the child unless one parent has committed some kind of domestic violence or abuse, has a substance abuse problem, or is incarcerated.

We Fight for Your Rights

Divorces when children are involved can be very complex, not to mention emotional. Our St. Louis attorneys will fight for the custody, support, or visitation plan you believe to be in your child’s best interests.

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