How Technology Impacts Divorce Cases

We live in a fast paced world that requires us to be connected to numerous electronic devise at any given moment. Our constant use of social media and emerging technologies has become such a habit of everyday living that clients sometimes forget the impact that these things can have on their divorce case. Below, we explain why you need to be cautious about the technology you use during your divorce proceedings.

Manage Your Shared Online Accounts

Many couples know each other’s passwords and have access to online accounts that they share. You need to manage these accounts when you decide you want to get divorced.

If you and your ex still share an email account or phone account, you need to deactivate them and open up new accounts in your own name. If your ex has access to your accounts, they can make substantial changes without your consent, which is why you need to forward important messages and attachments to yourself, and shutdown your shared online accounts before your ex makes your case more complicated than it needs to be.

Watch What You Say on Social Media

Treat the things you post on your social media accounts like they will be viewed by a judge in court. The things you say and post on social media can severely damage your case, which can result in you spending less time with your kids or having to pay more in alimony and child support. The best thing to do if you are going through divorce is to avoid making angry posts or ranting about the details of your case on social media. You can still use social media, but you should think twice before you click “post.”

Deactivate Surveillance Apps

You should uninstall all of the location-sharing apps on your phone to prevent your ex from tracking your whereabouts. Make sure you disable location-sharing on the following apps in your smartphone and tablet:

  • Find My Friends (iOS)
  • Google+ (Android/iOS)
  • Phone Tracker (iOS/Android)
  • Family Tracker (iOS/Android)
  • Find My iPhone (via iCloud)

If your ex had access to these apps during your marriage, they can potentially spy on you if you do not uninstall them.

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